Ulli Theeyal

    Ulli theeyal means shallots or pearl onion in roasted coconut gravy, which is originated from Kerala in South India. It also differs slightly from region to region in Kerala. Theeyal can be prepared with any vegetables, just one thing, the gravy remains the same. Most popular theeyals are ulli theeyal and pavaka theeyal. It has it’s own space in traditional Sadhya.

    Basically, I like  the flavor of roasted coconut slightly dominating and then the tanginess of tamarind, it depends on personnel taste.
Let’s peak the recipe…
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Stir Fried Chicken…

    Once I was feeling crave to eat Chinese food & I asked him to go to restaurant for dinner. Unfortunately, started heavy rain, thunderstorm & flood alert…. & you can guess what was going through me, I was almost ready to have my favorite Chinese dishes. Finally we dropped our plan.

    But soon, the next day, I grabbed some stuffs from my refrigerator & got ready to cook Stir Fried Chicken with some spice twist. You guys can go through my ingredients list and method for this delicious food. I enjoyed a lot, hope you will enjoy it too. Read more

Raspberry Blend

    Summer keep us always happy, fills with fun, entertainments & we keep our body happy with lot of healthy drinks, shakes, smoothies… It’s very important to hydrate our body during summer days, that doesn’t mean drink always water. Healthy drinks are well recommended to all. Smoothies are the best way to combine our favorite fruit & veggie flavors which can be done in no time.

    Here am sharing an easy smoothie idea & you can even replace the ingredients of your choice. Read more

Avial / Aviyal

    Avial is my all time favorite vegetarian dish, but still it’s a rare dish in my kitchen. Y ???

    I have a mind set that it’s a very complicated dish, lot of steps to be followed blah.. blah.., at the same time I come to realize a great think after each avial preperation is, it is so so so easy to prepare & can be prepared every day at home. Whenever I have Avial in my menu, I’ll be completely disturbed. If am even cooking it for dinner, I’ll recheck my vegetables again and again and make sure is everything there for avial, will it take lot of time if I start later….. Then I’ll calm myself telling ” no Chinju, it’s just cutting, cooking, grinding, that’s it”.

    Just for those people who think similar to me, don’t make your family miss their favorite Avial, it’s quite easy!! Read more