Kozhuva / Anchovy Peera

    Kozhuva peera is the most favorite fish dish of ours. This will be the daily dish present on the table, when my dad comes for vacation, wherever he go & see this fish, on the spot he will buy it. Hats off to my mom, bcz it’s bit difficult to clean, as these are too small fishes. How difficult it might be, really worth the effort. Crunchy onions, fresh coconut & bites of that tender bone is mouth watering…… Read more


Green Chillichilies
# Boosts mood, immunity, metabolism.
# Strengthens bone & teeth.
# Fights cancer.
# Slows aging.
# Prevents lung problems.

Red Chilli
# Anti cold & flu agent.
# Anti fungal properties.
# Detox support.
# Enhances the flow of fresh blood.

Spaghetti Chicken Stir fry

    Spaghetti es are good to go wrapped with lot of veggies and flavored with the chunks of non-veg. This is one of Ayden’s favorite food, no need to force him to eat & you know one thing guys, photography part was too difficult as Ayden was grabbing my platted spaghetti es to eat. Try out my recipe & taste them with your family and friends, hope you all will enjoy. Read more

Paneer Butter Masala

    Paneer / Indian cottage cheese is a well known non-veg substitute for vegetarians. It is a best low fat, high protein & calcium food, can be prepared freshly at home. It is used to prepare desserts, curries and even snacks. Maintaining the soft texture of the paneer is the only challenging part. One of my favorite recipe is here below with a trick to keep the softness of paneer. Read more


* Boosts immunity.
* Relieves blood clotting disorders.
* Prevents respiratory infections.
* Improves Iron metabolism.
* Aid poor digestion.
* Strengthens heart.
* Best way to gain Selenium.
* Improves cholesterol – rich in Allicin, garlic prevents LDL cholesterol from oxidation.