Neychoru / Ghee rice & Beef curry

    Neychoru and creamy beef curry is a sooper dooper combination of mine & it tastes awesome when prepared authentically by muslims (that’s what I experienced). No words to explain that feel, can get the flavors of rice and curry separately in a bite.
Most importantly the rice becomes great when it is perfectly cooked, not under-cooked nor overcooked. In the case of curry, both the beef and gravy should be juicy… All these brings out a perfect neychoru & beef curry….
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Ranch Saucy Chicken !!!

    Sunny days are always an inspiration to try some variety dishes. As winter days got over, natural light is getting filled allover the house, wow, I love that. First weekend, explored outdoor very well especially without jackets, gloves, caps… Back to our topic, try this easy tasty recipe and be busy with family in enjoying the weekends.
Special flavored chicken for a sunny weekend.
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Vishu Special

    My most beautiful memory about  Vishu is “Kannikonna”. A tree full of hanging flowers with lovely bright yellow color, wow, what a visual treat from nature. There was a Kannikonna in front of my house, which I used to watch the changes during these days, no leaves will be there on the tree as Vishu come closer, just full of flowers.
    Obviously the next favorite thing is “Vishukatta”, our hindu family friends inform us a day before, not to cook anything & they bring lot of curries, Vishukatta, fries, payasam….. It’s so nice to eat a lot without any effort…

But today I took the effort and prepared the Vishukatta and mango curry. Hope you all enjoyed the day, once again Happy Vishu !!!  Read more

My Birthday

    April is a birthday month for us, fun and celebration mood. As usual wished me & planned to go out for dinner & Binson went to office. I had a plan to prepare some spicy dish & no plan for cake. Surprisingly, Binson took half day, came home with my birthday cake & gift. That made my day great. We had our lunch & they both went for a nap, by the time I thought to prepare some cutlets as a return treat. Read more

Gopi Manchurian

    Always a best substitute for non veg style. Gopi Manchurian is our ever favorite dish. Till I made this for first time, I think that it’s very long process to bring a simple cauliflower to this look & taste. I feel so lazy and keep it aside for next time. Finally once I made this, realized that one of the easiest recipe I kept waiting. The only part I felt little lagging was the frying, except that, it’s super easy delicious recipe. So guys, don’t wait as you are missing a wonderful dish. Read more

On His Birthday!!

April 4th, it’s Binson’s Birthday…… It’s a special day for me too….
    In previous years I ordered cake, invited friends, gave gifts & that was complete surprise for him. He might have expected that I would do something this time. This time we three celebrated with a cake made by myself. That was really exciting, cake preparation kept me almost whole day busy. This is my first frosted cake, I never used to frost cakes at home before. It’s pretty entertaining if you have interest on it. After all effort, I feel like this was the most precious gift I gave him ever. Once again Happy Birthday to my love….

    The cake came out perfect, tasty, yummy & the aroma filled my house with the happiness. I have prepared it in very simple way using basic stuffs. I have only one round tray, so I baked the 2 cakes one after other. You can leave the rest batter till the first cake get ready. For the frosting cake stand I took a circular granite piece & kept on top of a wide bowl (smaller than the granite), cover the granite with foil paper or leave as it is. And when it comes to cake decoration, as I said before, frosting is very rare rare thing in my kitchen. So I was looking for a cheapest cake decoration kit, as I don’t wan’t to spend more for a rarely using stuff. But this time it was a necessary thing for my plan, I went through shops, surprisingly I found Betty Crocker 11 pc decorating kit which worth $25 & the deal I got for $2.99 !!! Amazing ryt?? All set, let’s go for the recipe….. Coconut Pineapple Cake!! Read more

Chicken Biryani

    In my childhood days biryani preparation creates a happy, festival, exciting atmosphere at home. Because, biryani is not an often prepared dish at home.
    Once in a while, mummy declares this happy news “tomorrow I have planned to prepare chicken biryani”. Me and my sister will be very obedient to mom on those days & of course mom takes the advantage of the situation. Read more