International Trip with Infant (Under age 2)

Hi Guys……. Hope all my dear friends are doing great…..

    It’s been long time that I have posted something in NutriVaso & kept you all waiting, first of all sorry for that. I have something to share with you, I am going for vacation to India for couple of months on 10th of Oct!!!! Was bit busy with shopping, so that took a small break from posting recipes. Very excited but equally feeling so sad because only me and Ayden are travelling, my dear dear Binson is not coming with us. I like to count the days, so that I’ll feel like my travelling date is coming closer, at the same time I am feeling little tensed, sad, restlessness thinking of Binson, this is for first time that we are gonna be away from each other for COUPLE OF MONTHS…..OMG… anyway we have to go through……. I am gonna prepare some curries, chicken dry roast & gonna store them in freezer (each pack for each day), so that he can just boil once & use. Being away from him for few months is the first thing keeping me sad & worried. Read more