Banana Cake

    Overripe bananas are headache for all mothers, kids won’t eat & most of the male members in the family won’t even peek the area. Actually I was also the same, I won’t eat the first portion of the banana, that’s my mom’s bite & the brown spots are my most hated thing in banana… there might be lot of people like me, if no hats off to those friends. Because when I came to know the health benefits of this overripe bananas – packed with antioxidants (brown spots denotes that antioxidant levels have increased), easy to digest (not good for diabetic people)… goes on… Read more

Anacardo Chicken ??

    It’s fun to get together and have something special to eat at least once a week. Food tastes better when you eat it with your family & the usual family gathering is the weekend. No calorie count, no rush office works, no any kind of hurry burry…. enjoy enjoy enjoy the two days with family, friends & no doubt all these goes only with our favorite food. This was one of my weekend treat for our family.

    Half cooked veggies along with rice is one of my preferred combination, yes the fried rice, I can have this even without flavoring. Half cooked crunchy veggies are healthy, nutrient rich, tasty & & & my Anacardo Chicken. Have you ever heard of this dish? You might have heard this before, let’s move to the ingredients list to get a clear picture. Read more

Baked Potatoes

    Potato is one of the best veggie to have in winter. It’s starchy, high on glycemic index but they are filling, with impressive nutritional profile including potassium, magnesium, folic acid, Vit C & protein. Healthier way of cooking potato is to bake them & stuffing with kale/broccoli makes a tasty & satisfying meal….. Simple baked potato recipe is here below…… Read more

Italian Biscotti

    Biscotti is originated from Italy & simply we name it as “Italian Biscotti”. It doesn’t mean that biscotti always tastes the same, there are different flavors/combinations used to prepare biscotti. The meaning of biscotti is “baked-twice”, that gives a dry, crunchy texture & could be stored for long periods of time. As this is nonperishable food, were particularly used during journeys & wars. Traditional way of serving this biscotti is with Tuscan fortified wine called “Vin Santo” & out of Italy biscotti usually goes with coffee/black tea… & my personnel preference is with tea, getting nuts in between each bite tastes amazing… Read more

Kappayum Beef-um !!!

    The combination of tapioca with meat or either fish doesn’t need an introduction, as this is & will be familiar to all, especially the Keralites and Kerala food lovers…. Tapioca had been a staple food from our ancient days onwards. This is a dish got a promotion from “Thattukada” (road side shop) to “Star Hotels”.

    Most of the people who are out of Kerala/India, they will be very cravy to have their authentic foods. When I was new here, didn’t found the tapioca & I am a person will do anything  for a piece. My mom bought some dried tapioca when she came here & I was adjusting with that to temporarily satisfy myself. After long time, we found tapioca in our Indian grocery shop, I just went to the twilight zone & the first recipe that I prepared was Kappayum Beef-um (Tapioca with meat) !!! Read more

Fried Dry Prawns

    I can go with this one prawn & a hand full of rice, literally my hand won’t move to any other dishes when I have these fried prawns in my plate…. the aroma, strong flavors, crispy-crunchy texture are the tempting factors…. The other good thing is, it can be used/stored as a pickle & the fact is, these fried prawns never lasts for more than 2 days in my kitchen, I’ll be keep on binge eating while cooking something next to this. Read more

Kerala Style Fish Fry…

    Getting a piece of fish fry for lunch is always a great thing. It goes well with dal fry, moru curry…..etc, all these are basically our favorite combinations. Fish is always good to prepare in curry form, so that’s why, fry is not that often in my kitchen. But it’s really hard to ignore the frying part when the fresh fish is in-hand. I am gonna share with you a typical Kerala style with some healthy tips…….. Read more

Let’s Chill before Winter!!

    Before slipping to the winter I would like to share a drink with you friends – a Beet Syrup!! Beets are highly nutritious and “cardiovascular health” friendly root vegetable. The color provided by the pigment betacyanin is the main attraction of this vegetable. Highly recommended for people those who are looking for a low calorie food. Step back from storing liters of  ready made juices for your kids and family & get into the kitchen to prepare something that provides real health to them. (10-15% people are genetically unable to break the betacyanin pigment & when it’s concentrated in the body from beets, the urine may appear pink in color called beeturia. This is completely harmless. Make sure that beets were in your diet.) Read more

Happy Healthy Dinner… on her Special Day!!

    Briefing dinner with salad is bit difficult for we Keralites, because freshly cooked matta rice with fish curry or sambar is our staple food & that’s what make us satisfied, of course my choice is the same. But now we all started to prefer something healthy which is appealing too. Today I am going to share with you a healthy recipe – Quinoa salad with Juicy fish, which will be dedicated specially to my sister chinnu on her special day –  Happy Birthday with Happy Dinner Chinnu..!! Read more