Healthy Smoothie

    I always prepare healthy high calorie food for Ayden as he need to put on weight. He likes all kinds of food, even spicy, but the issue comes with the quantity he takes. He has a boundary drawn by himself, no more eating after that. Even if I force him to eat more, he will start his tactics, laying on arms of high chair, if walking he will lay on the floor, spitting & it goes on…..OMG.
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    Hardly trying to pronounce it?? This was the same I faced couple of times, exact pronunciation is “keen-wah”. It may not be a familiar ingredient for us, but in future it might be consider as ‘mother grain’… Perfect protein grain, packed with essential amino acids, phosphorus, magnesium, iron & good amount of dietary fiber.
    Quinoa contains a chemical called saponins in the outer layer, which gives a bitter taste. Most commercially available quinoa will be washed, better not to take the chance of tasting bitter.. Let’s take a look How to cook Quinoa?? Read more

August 15th!!

    For me August 15th is very important day as it is our (India) Independence day & Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary, the other specialty is the day I introduced my NutriVaso to my relatives & friends. Celebration is nothing without food, keep on looking for reasons to cook something different or special…. Am really getting good response from my friends, that is making me very happy…..
Wish all my readers Happy Independence Day & Blessings of Mother Mary…
    I planned to cook simple, not a grant menu of course, started with sweet cups and ended in a spicy plate – Vermicelli Kheer /Semiya Payasam & Baked Chicken in Masala Rice!! Read more

Jumbo Lollipops

    We are planning to turn to a veg diet, of course not completely but will be focusing more on veg. It’s been long time that I have prepared some veg curry. Here my non veg lover (Binson) never goes with ‘only’ veg dishes, so as a start up to the veg diet, I am stepping back from non veg main course. But I will be reducing the non veg gradually by giving him some chunks to bite along with lunch/dinner.
    Get ready to scroll down for my Chicken Lollipop recipe:-
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Kidy Omelette for Ayden..

    No doubt there will be only thumbs ups for this amazing fruit-Avocado, it takes first place in list of healthiest foods & best finger food for kids…. rich in healthy fats, which is essential for growing kids. The pleasing, mild taste and creamy texture, makes avocado to blend easily with all food stuffs & easily convince kids to eat.
Even if it’s hard to feed my little one, his favorite is avocado combinations. Every time when I feed Ayden, I have to run after him, but when some food is combined with avocado he will run to me… he is very naughty….
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