A Tea Time Crisp!!

    Tea time, a cup of tea with some snacks sounds great… & when come to snacks I hope we all like the sound ”karum… murum… karum… murum…” especially the kids. My mother used to prepare steamed snacks made of rice flour, I personally prefer that. My sis is fond of fried snacks, oftenly me too. Amma prepare fries rarely, when we will be back from school & those days will be very special for us…. Today my crispy yummy snack is Potato Croquettes!! Read more

Ultra soft Vattayappam!!!

    Vattayappam/steamed rice cake is an authentic breakfast/snack popular in Kerala Christian communities. Vattayappam has reserved it’s space in Christmas and Easter breakfast menu, also it will be having the great combination with beef curry most probably.
Whenever I prepare vattayappam, it takes me through lot of sweet memories… Coming back from mid night mass and taking a long sleep around 9.30 am, the only two days amma allows to sleep for long long time and by the time the breakfast will be ready. Abstinent (nuyumb) took for, especially non veg will be breaking by this grant breakfast – vattayappam & beef curry. After breakfast, we all join together for the lunch preparation, It creates a festival mood which really boosts me. I can feel that mood especially when I prepare vattayappam on Christmas & Easter days here, I also try to create a good childhood memory for Ayden too.
Try my recipe with your kids & family with some soothing memories. 
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Snack some Oats

    Snacking something healthy is always a tough part for most of us, tea time snacks brings lot of spicy, fried, crispy images  in our mind and replacing all these with fruits, oats, quinoa, … is kind of… better to skip the snack time.

    It’s time to bring changes in our eating habits, we have a responsibility to  treat our body with healthy foods. I won’t say that, every time whatever we eat should be healthy, once a while try what we want but make sure that our body is capable to destroy the unhealthy which is got trapped within.
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Something Yum For Friends!!!

    After grocery purchase, on the way to home with a discussion what to prepare for dinner, to make this weekend special. And we planned to make Chilli Chicken and also to invite our 2 friends who are getting married soon. He will have non veg but she won’t have non veg on Saturdays, so I also added simple vegetable rice to the menu. I am sharing here a complete homemade chilli chicken recipe below:- Read more

Cauliflower Handvo/Handwa

    Handvo is a Gujarati cuisine, which can be considered as a complete meal with dal, rice, veggies. Real traditional recipe contains little sweet too. In a nutritional basis it’s a perfect food with protein, carbs and limited fat. My leisure time hobby is to watch the food channels in YouTube & once I got this recipe idea from Rajshri foods. It was really tempting and the recipe is very simple, can be prepared within 15 mins + cooking time.
Here am gonna prepare this Handvo with little twist, Handvo can be prepared with different combinations. I have tried this recipe several times with my family & friends, they really enjoyed & I enjoy the new recipes when others have it with complete satisfaction and asks me for more and more.
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