Late night Chiken-dho

    This name might be tempting you guys to scroll down & check the recipe in search of specialty. Of course this recipe was prepared at late night and for Binson it’s too hard to go with veg menu. As he was damn sure that am not gonna prepare anything non,

    Binson: Today I’ll prepare quick and easy chicken dish, just wait and see!! Read more

Beef Varattiyathu

Beef varattiyathu (fry) is an authentic beef dish which is everybody’s favorite in beef varieties. In Binson’s case I would say that, he is so.. so.. cravy to have this beef varatti than chicken dishes.
To try other recipes with beef , sometimes I have to hide some beef because Binson will ask me to prepare this beef varatti. I hope you guys will also enjoy this recipe.
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Yummy Brownies

    Now already you guys came to know that today I have prepared brownies here. I won’t add these brownies to my healthy food category, but still I think there won’t be anybody who didn’t tried sweets/unhealthy food at least once in their life. Basically am a sweet eater and I know it’s not under a good eating habit. Everyday after lunch I wanna bite something sweet, you can’t find any ready made food in my kitchen shelves, whatever I feel to eat will be prepared by myself at home. And this is the one I felt to eat once after the lunch…. Read more

Amma’s Fish Curry

    When I think about fish curry, there are lot of things that comes in my mind. First of all my mom, she prepares fish curry in a complete traditional way and alternatively in non traditional way too, it’s me the reason that forces her to do so. I am not so fond of coconut milk fish curry, because when we pour the curry on top of rice, it simply ooze down to the plate, left will be thin layer of curry and fish. I like the thick layer of curry over the rice which is very tempting and, you guys may got what I need in the fish curry.
     Exactly, grind-ed coconut! I know, I know, it might be most of yours unwanted choice. Secrete details will be in my recipe, OK?
    The other thing about traditional way of cooking is, cooking in wide mannchatti (clay pot) on Aduppu. Manchatti contributes a special taste to the curry and while cooking on Aduppu the smoky atmosphere, altogether the curry smells divine. As the cooking process is slow in Aduppu, it helps to blend the flavors from all ingredients and the fish too tastes awesome.
    Here I have no Aduppu, obviously nobody have, but I bought the mannchatti from India, I always cook fish curry in it.
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Ayden’s 1st Birthday

    May 15th 2014, the day Ayden got added to our family and we got the great promotion as mom and dad.

aydamma    It’s been a year  we are enjoying our parenthood. Our son, he is such a cute boy and his naughtiness make us happy all the time, it was too hard for us to realize that one year has been passed and he is ONE!!!

    Ayden’s 1st birthday was my dream to make it one of the most memorable day in our life. We started planning from January onwards. First we selected the theme and it was blue mickey, as it really suites with color of our living room. Actually we were planning for an outdoor party at some park so everybody can have some fun but later decided to do it at home itself, because  of  forecast of rain and thunderstorm. Read more

Potato Green Beans Curry

    Potato is one of my favorite vegie and this combination too. My mom used to make the simple recipe of this combination and I like to have it with curd or as it is with rice. In my school days I feel very hungry if I have this curry in my lunch box. I don’t know why am so crazy for this curry.
    With the addition of some extra ingredients I prepared an another version of this combination.
Let’s try this (:D) Read more

Bachelor’s Sambar

    Once I was asking Binson, what will we cook today and that was our veg day as the previous day we were done with non veg. I told that I have only 2-3 vegies in kitchen. Binson told me about his sambar that he prepared in his bachelor’s days. Coming tired from office, after that washing utensils, keeping clean own  objects and finally self cooking. Yeah, it’s a difficult duty for bachelors. And obviously the recipes will be LAZY recipes. So we planned to dedicate this lazy recipe to all bachelors.

    Please don’t expect any traditional way of cooking as it is a complete LAZY  LAZY recipe… Read more