Broccoli Curry

    Broccoli is the best and healthiest veggie. I think broccoli is not a common/familiar food in Indian menu. But nowadays people are very health concious and broccoli is becoming a part of our daily menu.

   If I said anything wrong about the concept, am sorry, but that was happening in my kitchen. So I made broccoli in Indian style with a healthy combination. Combinations are very important o make our body absorb the whole nutrients. Read more

Spinach Chicken Curry

       Cooking non veg and eating it with a complete pleasure, we are just crazy for that. And for me there is another happy thing! The next day is a off day from all regular cooking like curry, thoran/ bhaji etc. Whenever I prepare non-veg , I’l prepare it for one and half day and I utilize the next  day to cook something special which has been not added to my menu yet. This routine got practiced by me recently, when my son Ayden started crawling, standing, creeping to things vigorously. I need  to cut down my time spending in kitchen and give more attention to Ayden as am the only companion for him till his dad is back home.
Oh my God! From where to where I pulled you guys 😀 . Okay back to point. So I was thinking “how can I volumize my chicken curry?”
Here you go 😀
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Mango Banana Milkshake

    Mango is one of the most favorite summer fruit for all the kids to elder people. Whenever we think about our summer vacations, mango is the main entertainment, main food. And when the summer days reach, I will remember all those sweet child hood days. In my child hood, I used to go to my grandpas house for summer vacations and was lucky enough to taste different varieties of mango dishes made by my sweet grandma. I use to recall all those days even today and wish if those days come back again…. 😀 😀 Read more

Ragi Dosa

    Ragi is one the most nutritious food, but it was the most ignored food in our society. Like all of us, me too came to know a lot about ragi from my dearest grandma. But I realized the nutritious value of it only when I was doing Master’s and literally amazed myself about our food culture.
   Here am sharing with you one of them. Read more

Spicy Wheat Cookies

    When I was doing my Masters, one of my friend in hostel, she bought lots of spicy cookies for all of us. The only one was  me who was having it for first time. I never had this spicy cookies ever before. But I really liked it very much.

    Having cookies with tea is my most favorite combination I had these cookies in the same day, that was so delicious. I searched these cookies in my hometown in India, I didn’t found. Read more

Carrot Cake

    Today was a cloudy day and  feel to spend time with cooking. I was thinking about what evening snack I can prepare for Binson before he comes home.That should be too easy to cook and with what we have at home. So I just went and look into the refrigerator, and as usual my eyes stuck into the carrots . I love dishes made of carrots that made me remember a childhood chat between me and my  mom.
    The only thing I have made of carrot was halwa. My mom worked very hard to make me eat carrot dishes. As any other mom, my mom also had that trick to make me eat. You know what  trick am talkin about …….Yeah you are right… Read more