Combo Meal 1

    I am starting a new category “Everyday Combo Meal” in which I will be adding my everyday meals. The motivation behind this category is to exhibit some combination of curries with either rice or different breads. I always think a lot what to prepare for lunch or dinner from the ingredients what I have, sometimes it will be specials or sometimes traditional curries. Non veg is a ‘must have’ in our house for all of us, at least there will be a fish fry to satisfy ourselves.
    Right now I have no plans to add the recipes of each dishes here in this category, just giving the idea of some combinations, like what will be good (I won’t say the “best combo”, it depends on each person’s or family’s taste, for us it’s best) to go with some curries or thorans or fries. Hope you will enjoy this category and you can easily come and take a look before you start your preparations. Read more

Bachelor’s Easy Chicken Fry

    This recipe is specially dedicated to bachelors. It’s a very easy and simple recipe and above all it’s super tasty. It is good with rice and curry combo. Some tips while cooking, size of the chicken pieces are very important, big pieces might be very tempting but taste wise small pieces absorbs all the flavors. and tastes good. As it’s a bachelor’s recipe, marination is completely avoided, but you can do for the better results if you have time. Also it’s best as starters too. Read more

Carrot Thoran Rice – Simply Variety

    It was a long chapati week for us. Chapati is Ayden’s favorite food, but I make them very rarely because he won’t eat anything else with chapati, just plain chapaties. And it’s hard to feed him some vegetables or non veg. So I gave him chapaties for few days and I have stopped chapati menu for now. This Carrot Thoran Rice is very delicious and especially kids will love this. It’s an easy recipe for lunch box, can prepare with leftover thoran. We had the rice with fish fry and raita, that’s just more than enough and perfect combo. Try my recipe and share with your loved once. Read more

Neer Dosa with Rice Flour

    Super easy and tasty recipe, no more intro other than this. Totally forgot to soak the rice and urad for dosa yesterday, quiet natural, happens with all. I planned to prepare neer dosa and the neer dosas got done within 30 mins. I like little big holes on dosa, it will be very attractive for kids, so I kept the flame close to high, it’s all upto your wish. As the best combination I already have sambar and coconut chuttney ready. Try the recipe….. Read more

Kaayathondu (Plantain Peel) Mezhukkupuratti

    As the follow up of banana chips recipe, Kaayathondu mezhukkupuratti is the perfect recipe to be next. After making banana chips the peels will be leftover and usually we make mezhukkupuratti out of that. It’s not waste, it has lot of health benefits, it’s high in antioxidants, fiber and so on… It is very good combination with kanji or rice & raita. Try this recipe. Read more

Kerala Banana Chips

    Kerala’s most popular snack and the first served one in Onam sadhya. This was one of the recipe in my wish list and it got delayed because of one reason, the unavailibility of best raw plantain. The plantains available was always little ripe and I used to cook my favorite dishes with that bananas.
    This time I found fresh, fully raw plantains and I bought & have stored lot of plantains. Preparing my favorite curries and don’t wanna miss the chance to make this crispy banana chips. This is a very simple recipe, ready within no time. Try at home & avoid buying from stores….. Read more

Kerala Style Pork Ullarthiyathu / Pork Fry

    Pork ullarthiyathu is always special because it’s cooked mostly in special occasions like Christmas, Easter, Parish feast, Parties and so on… Pork is not an often dish in my kitchen, when our parents came I cooked for them and we tried it. It was quiet good and we loved the dish. Another specialty is, here pork is available with full meat and very very less fat parts & that’s what keeping us close to pork dishes. We only like the roasted pork recipes, nothing else. Combinations are also an unavoidable part when we talk about ullarthu (fry recipes), for me hot matta rice, moru curry are the must to go with ullarthu.
    Once I prepared pork curry for my friend & what I did was, I fried the pork and then prepared into curry, that kept the pork pieces very firm and taste was great. Now pork is kind of okay for us, we started enjoying it, once in a while. Try my recipe and send me your feedback. Read more